Gabriel Camargo

Director of Corporate Strategy

Mr. Camargo joined AUS, Inc. in 2013 and serves as its Director of Corporate Strategy. In this role he provides long-range planning and implementation support to AUS, Inc. and its operating companies.

As an RBV-model enthusiast, he has been supporting AUS leaders to identify and redeploy core competencies, improving and creating value in different parts of the organization. Since 2013, Mr. Camargo has overseen several high-profile projects, including brand extensions, technological transformations, product developments and brand repositioning strategies.

Together with AUS researchers and consultants, Gabriel has been developing disruptive innovation related to Natural Language Processing; cross-device clickstream analysis; Social Media monitoring; and automation processes mixing Human engines with traditional programing.

Prior to joining AUS, Gabriel led numerous projects in the private and public sectors. An entrepreneur by trade, Mr. Camargo founded his first business at the age of 16. Since then he took ownership positions in two other small companies, one of them a market research boutique focused on the complex funding of the Performing Arts and their intangible assets.

As an award-winning classical music composer, Gabriel (Valente) Camargo devoted his early career to music, performing as fellow conductor in international music festivals. He also held positions as Music Director (International Concert Season – TUCCA) and Assistant Conductor (São Paulo School of Music).

Gabriel holds an M.B.A. from Fundação Getulio Vargas, with concentrations in Management and Economics. He earned a B.A. in Music, with concentrations in Orchestral Conducting and Composition.

Social Science Research Solutions

SSRS is a full-service market and survey research firm managed by a core of dedicated professionals with advanced degrees in the social sciences. It designs and implements solutions to complex strategic, tactical, public opinion, and policy issues in the U.S. and in more than 40 countries worldwide.

The SSRS team specializes in creative problem-solving and informed analysis to meet its clients’ research goals. SSRS provides the complete set of analytical, administrative and management capabilities needed for successful project execution.

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Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Centris Marketing Science is a specialized marketing analytics firm that provides ongoing survey programs and econometric modeling services to the communications and entertainment industries. Its team of renowned economists has a unique approach to data integration, used to focus on consumer behavior in the voice, video and data markets on both a national and local level. Centris serves the cable, broadcast telecomm, satellite, entertainment, OEM, marketing and wireless industries with a sharp focus on helping clients understand their market share, consumer shifts, and economic impacts.

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Marketing Systems Group

Marketing Systems Group (MSG) was co-founded in the fall of 1987 by survey research professionals Dale Kulp and Gerard Holzbaur. The vision was to provide innovative products, services and information solutions designed specifically for the survey research community. That same vision is shared by the over 50 dedicated professionals employed today.

From the introduction of the Genesys RDD (Random Digit Dialer) sample design and generation system in 1988, the PRO-T-S research predictive dialing system in 1996, the ARCS panel management system in 2003, and the Virtual Genesys system in use to today, MSG expand their products, services, and solutions in anticipation of the needs of the research community.

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Survey Technology & Research Center

Survey Technology & Research (STR) is a full service data collection firm. It provides a full range of data collection services, including inbound/outbound phone, web, IVR, mailing/scanning, and digital recordings of interviews. STR opened in July 2008, with a clear and focused goal to develop and exploit state of the art data collection technologies and study designs. Within the framework of a working data collection center, it tests, develops and showcases advanced data collection capabilities aimed at improving survey response rates, expanding sample coverage, increasing productivity, and lowering overall survey cost.

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AUS Consultants

AUS Consultants has been delivering unsurpassed consulting services to the utility industry for decades. Our expert professionals support clients on virtually all federal and state regulatory agency involved in rate proceedings, as well as in court proceedings and special tribunals assessing the value of utility assets. Their combined experience translates into a strong understanding of the key strategic issues faced by today’ utility professionals in both vertically integrated utilities and utilities operating in the restructured industry.

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RoyaltySource offers a suite of proprietary tools, services and publications to professionals focused on intellectual property valuation, licensing negotiation and infringement damage litigation. This enables professionals to benchmark royalty rates (using a market of comparables database), gain competitive intelligence for licensing negotiation, review industry-specific license structure and language, gain insight to joint-venture activity, gather insights from industry professionals, review infringement damage litigation, and estimate the market value of technology.

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